Audio Comparison Live Demo

Inclusion on your WordPress website is easy! Let’s dive right into it:

Kat Robichaud
“Red Satin”

Dry Clean Only
“Iron Sheik”

Adjiri Odametey

Without much tweaking, this is the easiest way to include A/B comparisons on your site. Note that the groups are aware of each other – no two sounds play at the same time. The different versions play time synchronized, and you can have as much optical indication for what is playing, loading, or in standby as your CSS can handle!

Of course, you can also reposition the “Play/Stop” button – or get rid of it!

Will Knox / “Cog In The Machine”

Note that even without the play button, no two sounds play at the same time!

If you don’t need the indicating text: no problem! Also: let’s put a different label on these buttons:

Robert Jon & The Wreck
“Blame It On The Whiskey”

You can use different labels and texts for every single comparison group, or control all groups from the central plugin settings.

Visit for a real life implementation.